Recovery And Relax Your Body After Biking

2022-08-02 09:34:02 - 3572

Bicycles are not only good for the environment, but they also have many benefits for the body and mind. That's why the trend of cycling is growing. However, after exercise, the body often has symptoms of numbness and pain. This makes some people discouraged and give up sports. To improve this is very simple. It only takes you a short time to recover and relax after the rides. The right ways of recovery and relaxation will help the muscles relax. Not only that, but they also make the body feel relaxed, helping to eliminate toxins in the body effectively.

To help readers understand better, the next section in this article Asama will go deeper into ways to help your body recover and relax, reducing muscle soreness.

Body Recovery

After cycling with high intensity, the muscles will be tight and the heart will beat rapidly. So you need to do one of the three exercises below to restore your body to its normal state.

Muscle stretch: Muscles will be a little sore after you work hard. So after cycling, you can reapply the movement in the "basic warm-up before cycling" to stretch your muscles and stabilize your breathing. If you have a lot of time, you can practice Bodyweight Training or Weight Training exercises to have a toned body and a more supple body.

Muscle massage: The massage method to restore muscles is extremely effective and easy. However, you should not massage immediately after cycling but should do it about 20 minutes away or before going to bed at night. You start squeezing the muscles, then move on to pressing and hitting hard. Full body massage, especially focusing on the most painful areas. Should massage from bottom to top, from hands to chest. If you have more conditions, you can buy a massage machine to easily massage the muscles.

Supplement nutrients, vitamins and minerals: When the body feels tired after exercise, you should add 100-150g of glucose to compensate for the heat loss during exercise. This can promote liver glycogen storage, prevent fatty liver, restore blood sugar, and accelerate blood lactate elimination. In addition, the diet should include protein, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, niacin, water and minerals. Because exercise will consume a lot of energy, nutrients, vitamins and minerals if not restored to normal soon, the body's ability to function will be affected.

Mental Relaxation

Besides performing exercises to restore muscles, you should combine doing one of the 3 ways below to relax your body.

Meditate and listen to soothing music: Meditation means relaxing the mind and relaxing the body. Meditating with soothing music will help you relax. You perform meditation with the diamond sitting position, the tip of the thumb touches the tip of the index finger and the hand rests on the knee. If you feel tired and can't sit up straight, you can lie down, straighten your arms and legs. Do one of the two poses above and close your eyes. You think about happy things, absolutely do not think about a life of worries and chaos. You relax to the music. At the same time, inhale deeply and exhale steadily.

Shower: After exercise makes you sweat a lot, you should drink some mineral water to add ions to the body, and rest for about 30 minutes - 1 hour before bathing. Besides, you also need to pay attention to the temperature of the water. If the water is too cold, it will cause sudden constriction of the capillaries, easily reducing the body's resistance. If the water temperature exceeds 40 degrees, it can cause ischemia in the heart muscle. You should choose moderate warmth. Bathing in the shower is also one of the ways to help the body relax gently.

Soak in the bath: Soaking in the bath helps to relax the whole body. Taking a bath will bring great results because you can combine a few aromas or essential oils that are good for your health. The gentle scent of essential oils helps to relax the mind. Water temperature between 29-34 degrees is most suitable if you want to lose weight or relieve muscle pain. This temperature also helps you dispel any discomfort of the body. While bathing, you can use body massage oil, gently massage the painful muscle parts, then you relax and immerse yourself in it to be able to completely relax, removing all the pressure in the body. 

Muscle recovery and relaxation are very important, especially for those who are new to cycling. The above ways help you eliminate pain in the body effectively, avoid leaving harm later. In addition, you need to ride the right bike by your body proportions to minimize soreness. Come to Asama bike and choose for yourself a quality bike.