Biking to work in 2020, why not?

Biking to work in 2020, why not?
2020-02-29 10:47:00 - 1159

Nowadays, bicycles not only bring a mean of physical and mental health, but also reflect a healthy, environmentally-friendly lifestyle. Cycling to work is an active activity that has become popular recently.

Why should commute to work by bike?

According to some latest research, people who ride a bike to work tend to be happier and healthier. Cycling is simply the way to enjoy the fun every time you go to work; gives yourself a moment to understand yourself better; time for organizing and adjusting things in life. In fact, cycling increase the energy of the hormone endorphins which is also called the hormone of happiness. This, in turn, helps to reduce stresses, anxiety; improve positive emotions for a long day at work. 

Like other kind of sports, cycling helps to improve your body fit, lose weight and is good for heart health. If you are a busy person who have no time to go to the sport center, choosing to cycle to work is definitely the best choice for your health and body. A daily cycling helps improve fitness, strengthen the cardiovascular system as well as increase energy for the brain.

Cycling is also a way to save costs effectively. Every day, whether traveling by motorbike or car, the traffic cost still accounts for a significant part. Biking to work may help to save a significant cost when gasoline prices are increasing.

Finally, the great benefit of cycling that must be mentioned when it contributes to protect the current ecological environment. Bicycles are environmentally-friendly because of its construction of not using any harmful energy. Therefore,          commuting to work by bike is not only an action but also become a movement to promote the spirit of protecting the environment of young generation. 

Tips for your first bike commute

We recommend that you should check your bike carefully before you start moving. You will not want to face with any unfortunate incidents occurring on your trip. Checking your bike before moving and regularly maintain your buddy to ensure the best operation.

Then, choose the right biking outfit based on your needs. If the distance from your home and company is not too far, using work clothes to cycle will be no problem. But if the travel is long, you can bring your work clothes with you and wear a different outfit more comfortable on the move; then change it whenever you want.

Plan time, move a bit early to limit the rush and hasty cycling. Riding at a fast pace helps limit the calories burned and reduce sweating. In addition, limit the things you bring with on the move. These miscellaneous things will make your backpack heavier, pushing to use more strength while pedaling. Because of that, you should consider the items that are really needed.