Ride In Joy

2018-12-24 16:32:11 - 1622

Sunday morning on August 20th, the riders of ASAMA Team joined the challengeable race at Đền Hùng Cross Country. At race, members have overcome the tough terrain which was set around the Hung Kings Temple, tried fighting with different trails like forest roads, asphalted roads and roads in The Temple.

Đền Hùng Cross Country 2017 was organized as the Olympic cross country race with 6 groups based on distance as follows:

- Male 12-18 years old, the year of birth 1999-2005: 15km
- Male 19-40 years old, the year of birth 1977-1998: 22km
- Male 41-50 years old, the year of birth 1976-1967: 22km
- Male 51-62 years old, the year of birth 1966-1952: 15km
- Female 12-29 years old, the year of birth 1987-2005: 15km
- Female 30-65 years old, the year of birth 1966-1987: 15km

On August 19th, there was the heavy rain on Den Hung, it made the over 7 km road muddier and rockier. Only one round would make your bicycle be covered a lot with thick mud. But most of people tried their best to finish the race.

The race was not only the place for all ASAMA members to challenge themselves, but also the place to heighten teamwork and sporty spirit. With that spirit, ASAMA Team has achieved the third prize for teamwork of male 19-40 years old and 2 consolation prizes of female 12-29 years old

Time for finishing the race of our members:

Member Time Content
Phạm Thị Phương Thảo 01:16:02 Female 12-29/15km
Phan Thị Hà 01:18:46 Female 12-29/15km
Danh Minh Hiếu 01:18:02 Male 19-40/21km
Phạm Văn Việt 01:20:42 Male 19-40/21km
Đỗ Đăng Tước 01:28:27 Male 19-40/21km
Lu Ting Kang 01:48:55 Male 19-40/21km
Lin Chuan Hung 01:58:38 Male 41-50/21km
Huỳnh Quốc Huy 02:01:19 Male 19-40/21km

Đền Hùng Cross Country 2017 was the last race of Vietnam MTB Series 2017 organized at HCM city, then the next race would be Tam Đảo (Vĩnh Phúc) and Núi Dinh (Bà Rịa – Vũng Tàu). It was the dramatic race with 200 Vietnamese and foreign cyclists – the people never joining any races from 2014 also registered to race.