Ride In Joy

2018-12-24 15:54:55 - 2330

June 30th, 2017 - July 01st, 2017 was a memorable week end for ASAMA Bikes as it was the first time ever one of our own designed and made bicycle joined a World level event. It happened at the 5th round of the Enduro World series at Millau, city of France.

This race was the achievement of an Enduro MTB bike development performed at Asama Vietnam. Considering the rise of average enduro bike prices, more and more made out of carbon, Asama wanted to show that it was possible to create a performant alloy frame that would be reasonably priced and compete against famous brands ultra expensive carbon models. Florent Poilane – ASAMA Vietnam R&D Manager leaded this project and joined the race himself.

Results of every stage of Florent Poilane:

- Round 1 -- 06:44.29 -- 118th

- Round 2 -- 06:57.35 -- 113th

- Round 3 -- 03:38.98 -- 65th

- Round 4 -- 07:27.30 -- 83th

- Round 5 -- 06:49.96 -- 119th

- Round 6 -- 07:37.71 -- 108th

- Round 7 -- 03:30.12 -- 104th

- Round 8 -- 06:42.58 -- 94th

98th Overall

After 2 days of racing, Florent Poilane has not only completed the race mechanical free but also reached the target of being inside the top 100 overall. What an achievement on a freshly made prototype bike on a race that has been considered as the most challenging ever on the enduro circuit due to the very wet conditions and the slippery steep terrain.

This achievement has inspired greatly ASAMA staff, proving that Vietnamese products can compete on the worldwide market.

Enduro World Series (EWS) is the world series of Enduro mountain bike racing. It is owned by EMBA - The Enduro Mountain Bike Association since 2012.